Ensure You Establish A Fair Child Support

The well-being of children can often be left on the cutting-floor during divorce negotiations. Parents in a divorce can easily let their emotions get in the way of keeping their attention on what is best for their children. We at Hoffman Law Office, LLC, know how hard divorces are, and we can help you do what is right by your children.

Here in Ohio, it is typical for the parent with the noncustodial status to be the parent responsible for paying child support. Whether you would be the parent to pay or receive the child support, we can help you ensure the amount of support is calculated in a fair and accurate manner.

A Fair Child Support Calculation

There is a lot that an Ohio court needs to consider when determining child support values. There is a lot that comes into this calculation process, like:

  • The income of each parent
  • Costs of day care
  • Costs of medical coverage
  • The level of custody each parent has

While these are only a few examples of child custody factors, they are some of the more common ones. We can help you gather any and all documentation to help you verify what you already contribute to raising your children, so that the financial aspect of your child support is accurate as possible.

Do What Is Right By Your Children

Our Canton attorneys believe that child support is not a tool for anyone to use to “get back at” an ex-spouse. We do not play games when the well-being of your children is on the line. If you need an attorney you can trust to fight to keep things fair for your children, contact us today. Call 330-451-2144, or email us here to schedule your initial consultation.

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