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The decisions that you make during your divorce will play a significant role in your life and your children’s future. At Hoffman Law Office, LLC, we are determined to help you make choices that promote your well-being and are ultimately in your children’s best interests.

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Led by our founder and managing lawyer Hoffman Law Office, LLC, our Canton, Ohio, family law firm has been successfully representing clients throughout our state in all divorce and dissolution matters since 2008.

We understand how difficult the divorce process can be for our clients. Whether you and your spouse have come to a mutual agreement to end your marriage or the decision was one-sided, divorce is often a very emotional event for everyone involved.

When you consult with Hoffman Law Office, LLC, our lead attorney will offer you the compassionate and effective legal advice you need during this challenging time. We will help you understand your rights according to Ohio divorce laws, and discuss the important factors that will need to be resolved during your divorce, including:

While emotional support from your friends is often invaluable, it is important to talk to an attorney when you have legal questions about your divorce. Every situation is different, and we can help you understand the best legal steps to take according to your own needs.

In every case that we handle, we try to help our clients resolve their divorces as amicably as possible. If you and your spouse can agree on all aspects of property division and child custody issues, a dissolution may be the best option. Not only is a dissolution less expensive, but it can also be a less time-consuming method. When dissolution is not an option, we will skillfully represent you in your divorce case.

Are you a victim of domestic violence? If you are seeking to divorce your spouse but you are worried about your physical or emotional well-being, Hoffman Law Office, LLC, can assist you in obtaining a protective order. Contact us for further information.

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