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You went through a lot to finish your divorce. Large amounts of time, money and energy went into coming to the agreement that you currently have. However, the life you had when you made that agreement may not be the life that you have now. We at Hoffman Law Office, LLC, know how things can change, and we know how to help you modify an agreement to match.

There are divorcees who believe that they can simply do what suits them best without addressing or modifying the agreement for their divorce. This is one case where asking for forgiveness is not easier than asking for permission. If a parent were to relocate outside of here in Ohio without legal permission, there can be some serious consequences to follow.

Protect Your Side In A Modification Case.

There are really two sides in a modification case: the side that wants to change the divorce agreement, and the side that does not.

Sometimes, your career path or family calls you to relocate to an out-of-state location. When this happens, you need to alert the court of your intent to relocate, and present to them why this is the correct decision for the well-being of your children.

On the other hand, you may believe that your ex-spouse is attempting to change your agreement, we can help you maintain the best interests of your children, and explain why your agreement is better off the way it is now.

Prepare To Defend Your Side With Our Experience As Your Guide

If you are in the Canton area, and are facing a serious family law case, contact us today. The sooner we get to work on your case, the sooner we can start building your case. Call 330-451-2144, or email us here to schedule your initial consultation to begin things as soon as possible.

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